Welcome To Tantra Healing Home

Tantra is a Path to wholeness, one of self love, a path for the brave and curious, for the ones who will never be satisfied with second hand truth, the ones who hear the call in themselves, the call of the soul to be full and whole and grow out of being smaller than you are and out of being held back by unchallenged fear. The call of the souls seed to bloom to full potential.

I am offering here to be your souls midwife, to help birth the full you into the world, with a Tantra Coaching for Couples, Man or Woman, Body and Energy work for Man and Woman, Breathwork & Sexual Healing Sessions. Since i am aware, this is what wants to come through me, first for myself, now for myself and others. It is the only path for me. What other path would there be? I am here and ready to hold space for your Energetic Being to expand, your Emotional Being to be fully present, for your Sexual Being to awaken and for your Physical Being, so it can lighten up and shed shells and skins and come to vibrancy once again. I am here completely, with all my wisdom, experience, love, care and insight, and i look forward to the light in your Eyes once your consciousness and soul are deeply rooted and at home in your beautiful body once again. 


With love Immanuel