About me

My name is Immanuel, i am a tantric, shamanic, sexual healer, bodyworker, chef (Raw Food, European gourmet food, ayurvedic food), musician and deep lover of life. I grew up in a family of meditators and musicians, in the countryside of Germany in the area of Cologne. Already at a very young age, being supported, blessed by life with deep experiences of connectedness and deep meditations, a certainty grew that there is a life-affirming, inherently good intelligence at work in every situation that we find ourselves. Facing fears, trusting, moving into the unknown with full awareness, in the inner and outside world, living from the heart while listening to the subtle voice of this goodness - all these became critical tools in honing the connection to the mysterious flow and carving a life from the inside out rather than from the outside in. This approach, in which one first meets all aspects of life with the assumption they are divine and with a genuine interest, is, as I later on learned, profoundly tantric. It is an approach in which the uncovering of wisdom and a deep seeing of the nature of things, happen naturally on the way, through bringing deeps of attention and awareness to every moment. Through this kind of approach to life, every situation becomes a teacher.

In the last five years, since my first meeting with the global Tantra Family, i have been to many Tantra - Transformational workshops, Tantra Trainings, Tantra Festivals, De-armouring trainings, been part of 'The International School of Temple Arts', given Sessions in Bali, Koh Phangan Thailand, Schweden, Estland, Lettland, Ibiza, the south of Spain Switzerland and Germany. 

My deepest times and the deepest learning happened though, through listening to the heart of one woman by the name Aneesha, from whom i learned to feel and see woman, and in turn myself as we are polar opposites. As i clearly now see, we, man and woman, are made for each other, when aligned with our true nature. 


There have been many teachers and influences in my life.

I will say something about the four most influential here.


Teachers in Human Form


I remember my fist contact with Osho was around 1990 when he started to show up in the news in a negative way. I saw his picture and felt instantly connected, knowing that this man was made of pure goodness despite what was being said in the news. I instantly felt his heart. To this day i regularly listen to his talks and i feel so profoundly enlightened, in the true sense of the word, being lighter, again and again when he sifts through the collectively inhereted consciousness and clarifies the deep misunderstandings and lies that we inevitably soak up from our surroundings while growing up. In pure awe of the depth of his presence and clarity, i am tremendously thankful for him as a role model of a truly good and empowered masculine. 

Don and Carmella who i spent more than a year with in a tantric raw food community, sharing to the deepest level.  Very thankfull for the endless hours spent taking care of nothing but our connection to the mystery behind all things in all topics of life. Preparing amazingly healing food, getting so much support in truly seeing the depth of the challenge to meet life in the purest, most holistic way.  In deep gratitude. 

Hari Prem,

I feel so blessed to have had my first contact with the traveling  tantra family in Hari Prem's classes. His softness and solidity at the same time, his capacity to lead a whole group into a field of love and the heart space are of a quality that i have not found since. The picture says it all, feel your heart, feel this picture and you come to know what a space this King holds around himself. Thank you for being as you are Beloved Hari Prem. 

2014-2017 i spent a lot of my days living, loving, working and learning with Aneesha (https://www.leben-und-lieben.ch) in her Tantra temple and Seminar house in Switzerland. She, through staying open to me, also in difficult moments and through constantly bringing her heart to me, reflecting to me what it is that i am bringing to her in the most tender, honest and beautiful way, made me see the nature and architecture of a woman's heart. The nature of the dynamic dance between the masculine and the feminine, she taught me how to feel, how to meet a woman where she can be found, namely the world of energy, and through her deepest surrender, i was blessed to learned where my place as a man is.