Tantric Meetings

Tantric Coaching-Sessions, Shamanic Dearmouring, Energywork

My invitation for you, Sister, is to come with me on a journey to the essence of your being. With all my attention, sensitivity and experience i serve you and hold space so you can experience yourself in the deepest possible way. Each Session is different, just as each woman is an absolutely unique expression of the divine feminine. Depending on what is right for you in the moment, and depending on what type of session you choose, i might offer Attention to the

Aura - Energetic Body, Loving Touch, Massage, Yoni Massage, Shamanic De-armouring, Breath-Work, Holding you or simply just Talking. What ever type of session you choose, the step to the next level of intimacy, the next layer of pleasure, the next step in the journey, will only ever happen when your have a full body yes to it.


 It is naturally an honor for me to serve the feminine in it's true essence and provide a completely safe and nourishing space for you to experience whatever wants to arise.


Overview of your Choices

Shakti Coaching, Relationship Coaching.: Sharing Deep insight into the inner workings of things, male/female dynamics, on how to communicate the needs of each Archetype that are expressed through us. So we come to the clear seeing that we are actually made for each other. Integration of inner masculine and feminine. More info:


Four Elements Massage: a journey through different qualities of touch, a nourishing, holistic experience. No focus on Sexuality, No genital touch, all feelings welcome.


Tandava Kashmiri Tantra Massage: Touch as meditation, no goal, no where to go, nourishing depth, following the energetic current. No focus on Sexuality, all feelings welcome. 


Session to Awaken the Subtle Energybody. Whole Body Orgasm Session: Awakening the goddess in you, coming to know your nature as a goddess, thus reconnecting to the wisdom of Her. 


Tantramassage, Yonimassage, De-armouring: Deep journey reconnecting to your essence, strong healing potential on many levels.


G-Spot awakening, Female Ejaculation: Find that your body can also give the fountain of Amritha, also called the Waters of Life.( May or may not take several Sessions)

Benefits are Regularly-

- feeling beautiful, nourished, seen, finally given the touch and time you deserve and need to flow.

- finding  ecstasy in your sexuality or clarity about what it is that is in the way of you being ecstatic.

- losing the belief that there is anything wrong with you or your Yoni.

- learning to hear and trust your Yoni's language and wisdom.

- reconnecting to and strengthening your intuition.

- fuller expression and full embodiment of your souls purpose.

- discovering the sensitivity of the insight of your Yoni, that way experiencing multiple internal orgasms, female ejaculation, energetic orgasms and establishing connecting between the Yoni and your Heart.

- finding that surrender is naturally joyful for you and not a weakness but brings you into your full attractiveness, feminine receptivity, (connected to receiving in general in life) and feminine power. 

- receiving guidance on how to show yourself to your man in a way that you are received, because you as a woman are a natural tantra teacher if you trust your Heart's and your Yoni's wisdom, and in this way finding how you can invoke in him the qualities that you are yearning for.

- learning that you are here to receive and that in enjoying yourself you give your greatest gift.


It is my deep desire to serve the feminine in it's true essence, and to provide a completely safe and nourishing space for you to experience whatever wants to arise.