Man to Man

If you are a brother, there are two types of modalities that I have to offer to you. None of them involve sexual energy or touch of the genitals, as I don't feel called to offer that. You can choose between a  Tantra Coaching and a Shamanic De-armouring Bodywork Session


Shamanic De-armouring Bodyworksession

In this session i work with heightening the energy by breathing, moving the energy with Energy-work, pressing certain points while holding space for you to release and expressing stuck emotions.

The goal of the session is to come back to, revive, meet and inhabit  your body again fully and thus receive the wisdom that it holds, get the power back that was stuck insight these processes, and once again embody the healthy divine masculine. This is a Shamanic process where we eat shadow and shit light. Translated that means we shine light on the processes that not longer serve you and harvest the energy that was stuck in them. By working mostly from the mind and with will in this world, and through the mental process of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, where we choose to not want certain feeling and are going after others,  we leave the body and get locked up in the head. In this state you will not find rest anymore, will have energy blockages in your body, have most likely low energy, feel disconnected from the flow of life, have possibly no erection anymore, have unexpressed anger and other emotions and all kinds of other undesirable consequences of this process. 

I am here to hold space for you with all my attention and yeas of experience, i come with a vast judgment-free space and loads of insight which took a long time to acquire, about whom i believe they should all be taught at the age of 16. I am looking forward to meet you and to an exchange from brother to brother. 



Tantra Coaching (Skype or in Person)

Dear brother,

In a Tantra Coaching with me you have the chance to tap into my years of experience and deep quest on how to be a man in this world that is so scared of manliness and needs nothing more than solid spiritual warriors and kings, who are willing to face truth and defend goodness in this moment with all there capacity and power, in service to the only one place that it is truly worth living for, your own heart which is one with the Goddess that everything is coming from. 


Possible toppics could be .:

- how to be a man in this world, what are my duties and what is my purpose, what am I. 

- energy management, food,  energetic and physical health. It is crucial that you take care of yourself well, for the simple reason that you get better as a man, with experience and time, many men manage to ruin themselves before their seed ever come to flourish. 

- what is it that you meet when you meet a woman, what are the differences between us and where is my place in the play of polarity.

What are our needs and how can they be met.


- how to work with the will in a balanced way.

- what is the inner feminine in a man and how to come to balance. 

- clear insight on what it means to have children and if you are ready for that. 

- why do i have trouble with women.

- how to embody the King in a spiritual energetic way. This is connected to; how can i be received by the feminine in the deepest way. 

- why do i have no erection anymore. 

- how do i get out of the way of my woman being ecstatic.

- what is energy-sex and how does it work. 

- female ejaculation and how it works.

- can i evoke the deepest states of a woman with a small penis?

- practices to enlarge and De-armour your penis.

- practices to change your relationship to and recognition of  the true meaning and potential of your penis.