I was blessed to receive a couple of sessions from Immanuel during my stay in Koh Phangan and  i have to say - i was blown away. And i don't say this lightly as i am a tantric practitioner myself with a highly sensitive body and energy field. But receiving tough from Immanuel was like receiving touch from the most Supreme Divine  lover. I felt his presence as completely in  service to me, and it was as if he could read, even pre-empt, my body and energy, responding immaculately even to the subtlest of shifts, moves, sounds and moods and guiding my body to open and awaken into full ecstatic flow. By the end of the session i was in an altered state, vibrating as bliss. I honestly feel my sessions with Immanuel where a gift of such profound magnitude, that i shall never forget them and i can not recumbent this experience highly enough  to any woman. With deepest gratitude for this incredible gift and your path of honoring the Divine Feminine.




Immanuel  was amazing in holding space  with his steady presence. He was so much there. I felt so safe and in trust that I could immediately surrender, go into deep blissful states so easily, as never before. I perceived him as a true gift for women. With his penetrative presence and care, I felt so seen, heard, understood and I received so much from his strong Shiva presence. I felt so honored and, at the end, so complete as a woman. It was the strongest and deepest session I ever received so far, and it really changed something in me... in all levels, in my body, in my soul, in my life as a woman, as a divine and sexual being. I'm so grateful for this deep encounter with myself through this man. In the session with Immanuel . I could experience with him great full body orgasms, with endless poring of amrita, only through energy work with no touch at all... which transported me into such a space of union and divine connection. Finally, I could experience what I heard before from other people, many times, and that I didn't really believe it could be possible for me to experience as well... finally I felt "normal" or that there is nothing wrong with me... and this was so healing for me. Afterwards, I also received a yoni massage, an I even felt that his touch and the movement of his finger were not needed: he could just stay there with his finger not moving at all, and the energy work was done just like this. Later, when actually the session was already over, and I had an emotional break down (because so many things were moved and deep longings triggered), I felt so supported by Immanuel through his attention, care and wise words. For me, this session was a complete and deep journey into my soul, and I recall it anytime to realign with it and come back to my path and the intentions I setted in that time. Later, when I read, on his Website, how he describes his work, I realized that I could fully agree because I really experienced everything written there, and this is so rare for me. I really felt that he was holding space for me in such a loving way, as I rarely experienced before, and this was also very  touching and healing. I personally fully trust him, Thank you for the opportunity to dive into this experience again by writing about it again and blessed is the lucky women that will have the opportunity to receive a session from Immanuel 








A Personal & Intimate Experience of the most Ecstatic Tantra Massages I have Ever Had


I believe that every woman's deepest desire is to be able to truly surrender into the moment of pleasure, into the arms and body of a man that can hold her unconditionally. Into the warm embrace and sensual touch of a man that sees her for all that she is, with a gaze that penetrates her heart and allows her to stand naked in the light of her own truth. Where no shadows are to dark to be seen, where no pain is to much to be felt and where you as a woman can fully express yourself in all that you are.  


After living for almost two years in Bali, i stumbled into the tantra community and found myself in the arms of a man of this kind. We met at a closed party for adults, nearby where i lived. Overwhelmed by all energies in the room and the previous heartbreak i have been going trough, i sat down on the couch, next to him.  He turned to me and said ”how are you feeling?”. Stunned by his presence and his deep eyes, i told him my situation. He nodded and said to me ”if you need some holding, let me know…”


It didn't take me long to make the decision to say yes, he took my hand and led me between naked bodies in pleasure, ecstasy and bliss. There was pillows everywhere and the floor was covered in a huge mattress that made the whole space into a super sensual bedspace. He found us a cozy place on the floor, he gathered some pillows and made a small nest for us. He layed himself down with confidence and looked at me, opened his arms and made a gesture for me to come close and be held by him. 

His hairy chest smelled like forest and his long blond hard was in a tangly knot in the back of his head. His face was covered in bushy beard, it tickled my forehead, as i was breathing into his warm embrace. 


I remember telling my ex partner that i didn't feel that i could trust him(my ex partner) fully, his response to this was simple ”you cant trust any men, and you never will, because of your past”. 

I believed him for a moment in this statement, maybe i will never trust a man again..? 

But on this evening he and me where proved wrong. 

I trusted this man with my whole being, all my nerves relaxed and i could feel how the constant fight or flight mode i have been in over the past few weeks, suddenly faded away.  I felt safe for the first time with a man, in a very long time… 


At the end of that evening we made an appointment for him to come over to my house.

A few days later he arrived just as we had arranged. He walked around the room a few times, looking at the space, lighting candles and palo santo. He organized my bedspace so it became suitable for a massage. He undressed and wrapped his lower body into a sarong, then he asked me to do the same. 

We sat down opposite each other in the bed and he started to talk, from the first moment on he was clear, direct and open about his intentions and his boundaries. 

He asked about mine and he let me know that wherever we were gonna go, it would be about finding my "yes" and that i was at all times in charge of my own boundaries. His words made me feel calm and more grounded into the space, as felt a bit nervous at the start. It has been years since i received this kind of massage and never by a man with this level of presence.

After the verbal connection the session started with him asking me if he could sit behind me and hold my body, i agreed. He letting me know that he was able to hold my weight, i allowed my myself to melt into his arms and whatever was left of the tension that i felt in the beginning now disappeared. 


When finding this place of trust in his arms, he laid me down.I felt light as a feather as he moved my relaxed body onto my back, he covered me with the sarong and sat in silence for a moment. 

It felt like he was praying, in gratitude for being able to do this work,

thankful to the divine for being allowed to be in the presence of my temple, my sacred body.


In the dim light from the bedside candles, mixed in with the sound of crickets and frogs, there was also a speaker in the room playing tibetan bowls… I closed my eyes and the last thing i saw was him sitting with his eyes closed, breathing, preparing, devoting himself to the light and to me. 


My session involved three major stages. Energetic bodywork, actual touch and a yoni massage.

He told me beforehand that every session is different depending on the woman and her finding yes.  For some women only eye gazing or massage is in alignment. 

Our session took four hours, four hours of bliss, joy and ecstasy.  


It all started with movement of my energies also called energy orgasms and no physical touch. (Clickhere to watch how its done ). 


Every person is different and the orgasmic energies moves and expresses itself in various ways for each individual.

All depending on how open you are, energy blocks, the facilitator, your energy and mood of that day and how safe you feel to fully surrender into the sensation during the session. 

This is the movement of your own life force energy and sexual energies, it is a very pleasurable sensation and brings you into a orgasmic bliss, the more you surrender the more you receive. 


My experience this time around started small and grew to something more powerful, i moved in and out of waves of pleasure and intensity,  in the end my spine and body was moving in a smooth wave form, i could feel how the engines started at the base of my spine and like silk, moved its way up into my crown and down past my heart down into my yoni, only to twirl around and to take the same way back up my front channel and down into my spine again. This is a very powerful experience and its something that you are not in control of, i remember drifting in and out of a deep meditative state and a high ecstatic pleasure. Use your voice, use your body, surrender, trust and relax, you are in for an opening of your whole being, your energies are opening to the world of being multi orgasmic and you will tap into the path of full body orgasms. 


If you are new to this, there might be tears and screams that needs to come out before the sounds of pleasure, and this is perfectly normal, and actually relieving, to finally express whatever has been stuck in your for years… In the end, the pain will no longer exists and you will live in a world of pure bliss. 


 After the energy session my body was fully open and receptive, i was tingling all over and my skin was so sensitive and longing  for touch.

Ever finger tip on my skin was at this point like small electricity shocks. Lying there in my bliss state, my eyes were soft and i smiled at him, together we acknowledged the tremendous beauty of the moment. And in the meeting of our eyes it became clear almost without words that it was now time to fulfill my desire for physical touch.


While warming the oil in his hands he inhaled and with the exhale he opened his hands and took a firm yet sensitive grip of my right leg, to start a stroke from my inner thigh, across my belly, chest and neck, ending with a firm grip of my hair, that was charged like a lightning bold with all the energy that was moving.

In deep gratitude for finally being touched my body, in its highly sensitive state, responded with waves of joy and ecstasy.


I remember feeling how my whole body trembled, my conscious mind was at this point gone, i had no control over anything, i saw light flickering in front of my eyes, i had no words, no thoughts, only my body.


This might have been one of the top 10 most intense pleasurable moments of my life… our eyes meet again... again this deep joint recognition of joy and beauty and there was nothing but a yes, while he carried on to touch my body in ways which continued to be in alignment with what it was asking for, i laughed, it made me giggle like a little girl, my body was moving in waves of pleasure, i moaned, screamed. 


I sunk deeper and deeper in to surrender, he was in full control of my body, without me moving a muscle, i ended up on my side, my front, having my whole body touched, massaged, honored and worshiped. 


After two hours into the session having been so ecstatic he finally, asked me wether i wanted receive direct touch on my yoni.

Despite the obvious full yes of my body he asked for consent, which depend my trust. I was laying across his legs on my back, my body bent, fully exposed, fully open, and receptive, i said yes.

His movements became slower and more gentle, he was very respectful and he approached my yoni with the utmost care and full presence, never going to fast for me to miss out of any of the many amazing sensations that was about to happen.


Looking back at the experience i would like to share several levels of consent that is so important to be included in these type of sessions.

There was the verbal container made of the boundaries that we sat up at the beginning and there is also every movement that came after and whether it was in alignment with my body and my energy or not. No movement nor touch was made without fully feeling into it together, it was all finely in tuned with a high level of consent and the ability to find my yes in very moment. 


The most important part in all this was that there was no search or intention of fixing or healing , no need to find blocks or pain in my body. The greatest healing came from finding my deepest yes, not only the yes in my mind, but also in my heart, and in the core of my being. And in that state of  full yes, i found the deepest relief, a freedom of fully expressing my self as the divine being that i am. Knowing and understanding that there is nothing in me that is in need of fixing, i am perfect just as i am. 

After the session was over, i got placed on the bed again ,on my back, he pulled the sarong over my body and bowed down, he thanked me,my body, the divine sprit, mother earth…

He gently stroked my body one last time over the sarong and told me to lay with myself now for a while, to rest ,to feel and integrate all the sensations and all the energies that had been moving during the session. I nodded slowly and in silence, i closed my eyes and fell into light meditation. 


The end result of this session came the next day during my morning meditation.

A few breaths in, i feel in to tears.

I cried with relief, pain and gratitude. I cried for the feeling of that for the first time been able to 100% surrender into the masculine without fear or tension. I cried because i felt beautiful and worthy of that kind of respect and devotion, always, by a man and by my self. I could feel the divinity of my being and how precious i actually am, and how i need to start to love myself even more, take care of myself even more and to really respect myself fully…. I felt empowered and one step closer to finding my true divinity within, i felt a deep sensation of trust and love in my own being. 


This was a deeply heart opening experience and as well as body and energetically opening on so many levels.

Anja Laeta

I can't recommend Immanuel enough! His presence, attunement, sensitivity, devotion and commitment to serve the Feminine, as well as mastery in moving energy are truly healing.





Lisa Lou

Reflecting on my session with Immanuel, I feel much warmth, gratitude, and inspiration. I appreciate the space he held for me to explore all the parts of myself; a space that invited me to feel my wholeness, my vastness, my imperfection/perfection, my mysteries... I felt seen, respected, honored, and loved; I felt in the presence of a divine energy, a wise & playful, gentle & strong spirit. I highly recommend a session with Immanuel. Although I imagine each session is as unique as the person receiving it, I can offer for those who are interested, please feel free to reach out to me if you have the desire to hear more details about my experience; it was truly a bit mystical for me, and certainly spiritual, and I would be happy to dive into describing it in more depth in a more personalized context. Meanwhile I will offer that it began with a conversation a day or two before our session, where I felt Immanuel fully present with me, attentively listening; when I arrived at the space it was beautifully prepared, every detail considered & tended to; at the start there was energy work, little to no physical contact in the beginning, powerful and healing; and in the end I felt completely with myself, in my center, in my power, with full trust & love & surrender, and I was given all the time and space in the world to integrate and be with my self, my spirit, my experience. Deep gratitude to you, Immanuel; thank you for sharing your presents/presence.


Anne Verhagen

What does it mean for me to be a woman? And for you to be a man? Where are we the same and where are we different? Where do we meet? These questions

I have been working with for a while. Looking into my personal experience. Than I had a session with Immanuel.

First we talked, and looked at each other. Immanuel's presence was fully surrounding me.

I felt held by his presence and seen on a different level. Seen as a woman. Seen by a man. 

I experienced the misunderstanding I live in my life. I saw where i am not clear with my needs, and do not say no. I do it out of love but as my needs are not being met the energy is not able to flow anymore. I can blame the man for this. I saw my little girl in me that thinks that she does not deserve. I could hold her, comfort her and tell her it is oke to be clear about her needs. This misunderstanding i do not need to live anymore. Immanuel showed me the archetypical woman and the arcitipical man and how they relate. It was very interesting for me to see that this is an issue not only in me, but deep inside the foundations of being a woman. After that immanuel held space for me to feel my energy flow through my body. I regained trust in myself through our conversation. It was like honouring the goddess energy between us by allowing it to flow. Immanuel was not touching me very much. His sensitive hands and his profound presence tell him exactly how to be to let the energy dance through me. It was very natural for me to surrender. It was deeply touching to experience the depth of surrender, being held by a strong and sensitive man. A man who knows how to see and serve what is needed in the moment. It was deepy healing.


Big gratitude and respect. Heartgasm and dropping into heart bliss keep coming back to me, it is amazing!!! Just what i wanted, initiation and invocation. Thank you.