Frequently Asked Q.&A .

What do i need to bring?

Yourself, nothing else is needed. 


How do i prepare for a Session?

Take some time to reflect on your intentions and wishes.

If you have a partner it is good to have had a clear talk about boundaries and agreements.

It is very important not to come on a full stomach, but also not hungry.

You can eat a light meal, like fruit till up to an hour before the session.

Please come freshly washed and without Parfüm. Thank you. 


Will i be naked in a Tantra Session?

There is no rule in a Tantra Session with me, the space i offer is for you, every step we take we only take if you have a full-body yes to it.


Will you be naked in a session?

I wear underwear in a Session for the simple reason that when i work above the body i don't want my lingam to touch your body.


Can Sex be part of the Session?


I come with three very clear boundaries. 

I will not kiss, i will not have sex, i will not touch you with my lingam. 



Will you touch my Yoni?

I will do nothing without you clearly asking for it. And if you ask for something that i feel does not come deeply out of your body i will not do it either.


Can i touch you during a Session?

A Session is for you so you can experience in yourself, it is not about us meeting. There is not strickt rule that you cannot touch me but it will not be your part at all to be giving something. 


Can a Tantra Session help with frigidity?

I have never met a frigid woman, i only ever met woman who have received so many things that they did not ask for or wanted, that there juices stopped flowing and the belive was born that sex is not beautiful, or then they started believing that something is wrong with them. Can i help with this? Yes! 


Am i allowed to orgasm?

You are fully welcome here. That means your joy, your tears, pain, sorrow, sexual energy, your orgasm, your juices, etc.